Key Features

Axaflow makes tracking of organizational work extremely affordable!

Provides a mechanism for management and senior executives to assign, monitor and record the organization wide processes ( eg., Project Management, Sales, Legal Compliance etc., ).

Defines Processes, Policies and Workflows using standard process templates.

Special Features

Ability to handle varied categories - One time activities, recurring activities, Show Cause notices, work assignment within the team etc..

Dashboard for each employee - providing snapshot of all pending compliances.

Ability to track compliances by various time intervals

Work flow to ensure the compliance is properly approved.

Alerts and escalations- inbuilt.

Integration to Microsot Exchange or other mail systems.

Extensive Reports.


Completely web-based, Hosted solution

Axaflow is offered on SaaS model and requires you to have a minimal internet connectivity.

No software or hardware purchases

Good to go with in a few hours of enrolment. No need to worry about maintaining or networking any software. New features are added automatically.

Pay as you go Model

No capital expenditure. Axaflow makes tracking of organizational work extremely affordable! It pays back for itself.

Can be accessed anywhere

In Office, Home, on the Mobile devices.

Full IT support

No additional in-house costs. Axaflow uses state-of-the-art software technology that is easy to maintain, scale, and customize for businesses of any size.

Unique Functionalities

Empower Board Members, Senior Management , Finance and Legal professionals

Legal Compliance made easy with simple, methodical steps! Get Compliant on time, every time! Business consulting to reflect organization practices to map to the software.

Robust Query system - location wise, department wise, Act-wise etc., to quickly track key pending compliances.

Flexible licensing models.

All servers and networking hardware are industry-proven to help maintain a strong level of security and privacy.

No need to purchase or install additional software.

Easy access to organization polices and procedures


Proper visibility to all processes within an organization

No slippages in compliance.

Documentary evidence of compliance.

Collect all evidences of compliances at one place.

Easy scheduling of activities.

Template based approach.

Customer Report

“In Axaflow, we found the right tool to streamline our compliances across different offices and different geographies. Now I can see the status of compliance in US, UK and India, at the same time, without having to making expensive calls or incur penalties on slippages. The Board of Directors is extremely delighted at the visibility to the compliance status across the organization. Axaflow has provided significant savings in time, effort and cost for us.”

- By CFO, US Learning Management Organization.

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